Raise Your Vibration Deck


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Designed and written by Annie Tarasova.

Set of 44  cards + 1 information card. Size A6

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Each card in the DreamyMoons Raise Your Vibration Deck has a quick and easy activity, a little mindful ritual that is designed to uplift your mood and to make you that little bit happier and more productive, while connecting you to your inner self and the Universe.

I hope these cards bring love & light into your life, for they were made with the best intentions in mind.

How to use your Raise Your Vibration Deck:

  • Shuffle the deck and pull out a random card with an activity for that day. You can choose to do one per day, or two to three.
  • Go through one card per day for the duration of 50 days, then repeat.
  • Incorporate one to two cards that you truly resonate with into your daily routine. for example, if you need a reminder to meditate every day, find the “meditation card” and place it somewhere it will always be seen.
  • Treat cards as little random messages from the universe. Think deeply of a specific question, shuffle the cards, and see what card you pull out. You never know if that could be the answer you’ve been searching for.
  • If you like the look of one card, it can simply be used as artwork. You are welcome to frame it, put it up on your wall or use it in your scrapbook or journal.



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