Moon Wheel Calendar


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The moon wheel provides guidance each month to best harness and work with the Luna energy.

Artwork has been drawn by hand, and each moon wheel is 12 inches x 12 inches (30cm x 30cm) and features a golden metallic glow.

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The Ishk Moon Wheel Calendar details when the full moon and new moon occurs and which astrological sun sign each of these moons fall in.

The astrological sign helps us to understand the energy for that particular month and how best to work with it, as well as understand opportunities and challenges that will arise.

A Crystal has been channelled for each month, which counterbalances the energy and helps us to manifest or release our desires and challenges.

The moon wheel is interactive and will feature a story each month with a full explanation on Ishk Jewel’s Instagram page.

Each moon wheel comes with an instructional card explaining how to use her and a ritual card with suggested practices each month.

She has been lovingly channelled, designed and drawn in Perth and her dates correlate to the Southern Hemisphere on western standard time.

She is a truly magical tool to help with personal growth, spiritual practice and manifestation.


For every moon calendar sold, we will be donating $1 to the trillion trees organisation – a west Australian based organisation dedicated to planting trees. 

Our donations will be focusing on the trees planted at Whiteman park in the children’s forest -this is close to my heart as it is a place my children go regularly to ground and re-energise their little souls. It is also a place I can physically show them the small difference each of us can make to the environment by contributing as a collective 

For more information on this organisation – visit


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