At THE WILDFLOWER STORE our aim is to inspire you to slow down, take care of yourself and the environment.  WILDFLOWER is for those with a wild heart who are passionate about living a more natural and sustainable life. We offer luxurious products that are gentle on the environment without compromising on quality, style or beauty.

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With WILDFLOWER you are shopping consciously by purchasing products that are:

✧ Vegan ✧

✧ Natural ✧

✧ Gentle on the environment ✧

✧ Cruelty free and toxic free ✧

✧ Tested on people (mostly husbands) not on animals ✧

✧ Handcrafted and/or hand poured ✧

✧ Made in small batches, with love and gratitude ✧

✧ Products are packaged in glass with none or minimal plastic ✧

✧ All products are sent to you in recycled/compostable packaging ✧

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do

xx ash